Feb 3, 2013

Kentucky Brawl and Kaley Cuoco Nude (Almost)

Last night was EPIC on I’m With Stupid. Oh sure, it started out routinely enough. Some witty banter between Jay and Matt. Some Super Bowl talk as well as Super Bowl Parties. Matt described how he invited himself to one this year.

Then Shirley called in from Lexington, KY and we had fun with her for a bit. Then things took an ominous turn. Justin, also from Lexington, called in and folks, a good old-fashioned Kentucky Bluegrass Brawl ensued! Justin took exception to Shirley’s Kentucky accent. Shirley took exception to Justin being alive and IT WAS ON!

Shirley and Justin spent the last 15 minutes of the show sniping at each other and arguing. It was awesome! Totally check it out! Sparks start flying at around the 30 minute mark, just after the mention of Dick Trickle.

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And to thank you for listening here's Kaley Cuoco at her absolute hottest!