Dec 3, 2012

War on Xmas Hayden Panettiere Fake Boobs

On our first Saturday night show in a long time, the I’m With Stupid gang (all two of us) broke down and very thoroughly analyzed the War on Christmas™. We discussed a few battles raging in places like Little Rock, Pennsylvania and the American Family Associations “Naughty and Nice” list. Then we talked about how Charlie Brown’s performance in “A Charlie Brown Christmas Special” was his best ever and how Lucy is a really bad person. Then we talked fake vs real tree, Lifetime and Hallmark movies, “Christmas vs Xmas” and so much more. The only downside to this week’s show was bad audio on Jayman’s end. He’s very sorry about that even though he blames it all on Google Voice and/or Cox Cable. Anyway, it was still a good show with some good laughs so check it out!

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And to thank you for visiting, here's Hayden Panettiere and her new boobs in a bra from last week's "Nashville"