Dec 17, 2012

Single Living and Kristen Stewart Fashion

On Saturday’s episode of I’m With Stupid we celebrated the Single Life. Matt-Man and Jayman talked about being swinging bachelors and how great it is to be able to do whatever you want, when you want. Nobody is there to nag you about eating healthy or drinking less or any of those boring things. You can watch stupid college bowl games without interruption. Going to restaurants alone. Movies alone. It’s awesome! And kinda sad. Plus we talked the good results of Schmoop’s surgery and rambled about a few other things. Good times, kids. Good times! So check it out!

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And while you’re listening to that maybe you can figure out just what the hell Kristen Stewart is wearing here. I mean, really! Just look at that ugly outfit. Also, she looks pissed. Oh yeah, she always looks pissed ….