Nov 5, 2012

Pundits, Pinheads and Bond Girls

Sunday’s episode of I’m With Stupid was absolutely fucking hilarious. Well, it was to Matt and Jay at least. We talked about the upcoming Presidential election, made some predictions about what might happen when one side or the other loses, had lots and lots of fun at Dick Morris’ expense (by doing terrible impressions of him) and generally mocked all these pretentious political pundits that we’re all sick and tired of seeing and hearing from all the time, and of course we fended off another troll caller.

Come for Matt’s Max Headroom impression, stay for the insanity! It was a seriously funny show so check it out!

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And to thank you for listening to our HI-larious show, here's the newest Bond Girl, who you can see in Skyfall, Berenice Marlohe!