Nov 27, 2012

Cyber Monday and the BCS

We did a special Cyber Monday edition of I’m With Stupid this week because of our messed up schedules. We recapped our Thanksgiving fun and games, made fun of Black Friday shoppers, praised Cyber Monday as a great invention for shut-ins and anti-social types like ourselves and then talked about all the college football coaches who were fired and in the case of Arkansas’ John L. Smith “reassigned.” And we then talked about yet another scheduling change for the show as we will now be on LIVE on Saturday nights at 11 pm ET and Wed mornings at 11 AM ET. Also, there was a minor technical glitch at the beginning, but just be patient to get through that and everything was cool. So, check it out and thanks to everyone who listens as we are back on top this week! Oh yeah! The #1 ranked Comedy show on BTR BAY-BEEE!!

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