Nov 12, 2012

Lesbian Celebration with Amber Heard

Sunday on I’m With Stupid we invited our best lesbian friend Angie AKA: Fortune Cookie to come on the show and help us with our LesbianCelebration. And boy did she!! The show was non-stop fun and hilarity from the moment Angie called in. And, in the end we came to the (not) really shocking conclusion that lesbians are just like everybody else. Here are a few of the things we talked about …

- Birkenstocks are called “Birkies” 

- Who are “Green Bean Lesbians?” 

- What makes Jay an “Honorary Gay” 

- Some lesbians lie on the couch on Sundays and watch football while drinking beer.

- Some lesbians bring their wives sandwiches and beer while they’re watching football, but then go to their craft room and ignore sports. 

- Not all lesbians put on flannel shirts, jeans and combat boots and go out to Big Rig Shows on weekends. 

- Cleveland, Ohio area is a Lesbian Utopia 

- “Granola Girls” 

- Lesbians pretty much watch movies like “Showgirls” with the same attitude as straight men.

And most importantly our listeners found out what Matt-Man and I already knew. That is that Angie is a warm, funny, sweet, thoughtful, intelligent and just all-around wonderful person. Thanks so much to Angie for joining us and make the show so great! 

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Also, to help us celebrate lesbians, here is our favorite FAKE lesbian Amber Heard and her spectacular ass...