Dec 12, 2011

Office Christmas Party and Jennifer Aniston Sexiest of All Time

This week on I’m With Stupid we threw our annual Office Christmas Party and it was freaking wild! We have a MASSIVE crowd in the chat room, maybe the biggest we’ve ever had. That new time is working out alright, I guess. 

Of course, with the big crowd came some trolls, so we have to dodge them the best we could. But, try as they might, they couldn’t bring down the Christmas spirit. 

We talked office party DOs and DONTs, some fun games to play and discussed past Christmas party shenanigans. And we had an exclusive interview with Santa Claus himself! 

And, once again, we did our newest Saturday feature: Pee Breaks with Schmoop! This is where Matt-Man can’t quite make it through the full 45 minutes without having to run to the little boys room.

Anyway, the show is already in the top 10 in the ratings with a bullet! Let’s see how high it can go. Feel free to Stumble, Digg, Tweet, Facebook, Tumbl, Reddit and whatever else you’d like to do. We love you all and appreciate your listening.

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And, according to Men’s Health Jennifer Aniston is the sexiest woman of all time. She looks excited about this…

And, don’t forget about the OFFICIAL I’m With Stupid blog. Today we have a guest post by Santa Claus!